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Q: What does ergo mean?
A: it's another way of saying "therefore" or "hence" or "consequently"

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Q: Please show me example sentences with ergo .
A: 👋🙂 hey!
I am allergic to shellfish; ergo, I will not be trying Pam’s shrimp pasta dish.

Ergo, the doctor is giving Natasha a new prescription since her leg infection is not responding to her previous antibiotic.

Jill failed all of her classes; ergo, she will not be a senior next year.

Ergo, I will not be going to the beach this summer because I need to get a job to repair my car.

Amy’s ex-boyfriend will not stop texting her; ergo, she has decided to get a new phone number.

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Q: What is the difference between ergo and thus ?
A: ergo is like saying "therefore"
while thus is "as a result"
Q: What is the difference between ergo and so ?
A: Unless you want very technical details, they are mostly the same. Ergo is a fancy way of saying so in certain contexts.

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Q: are "ergo", "hence", "consequently" commonly used?
A: Ergo - No, not common. I rarely hear that.
Hence - Somewhat common.
Consequently - No, not common.
Q: what is meant by ergo proptor hoc??
A: It’s Latin for:
“So, because of this...”

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