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    2. "Esophagus" is a technical term, Here are the first 25 results in the Corpus of Contemporary American English: In daily use, you might more likely hear "the gullet" or "food pipe" or just "throat," depending how anatomically precise someone was being. 2011 MAG USAToday often leads to better outcomes for patients. Barrett's esophagus afflicts more than one percent of the U.S. population, with most 2007 ACAD Anesthesiology which revealed a tight stricture at cricopharynx level in the esophagus and a 5 mm scope was not negotiable beyond it. A 2002 MAG Bazaar, an infection of the valve that directs food into the esophagus and air into the trachea. It can be fatal. I 2004 SPOK NPR_Daybreak went to his apartment, blew out a vein in his esophagus and bled to death. Another man here, he just drank 1992 NEWS USAToday cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach, esophagus and liver in March 1991. Erskine finished with a 27-7 record 2010 SPOK CBS_Sixty : Our therapy of choice right now is to remove the esophagus and pull the remaining stomach up through the chest and attach it 1991 NEWS SanFranChron extracting a quarter-inch piece of shrapnel lodged between his esophagus and spine. The surgery failed. The shrapnel is still 2009 FIC FantasySciFi out through the largest available vents, squirting up the esophagus and windpipe." Well, I suppose I'll have to 2004 ACAD EarNoseThroat The sensory nerves of the larynx, trachea, and esophagus are derived from the vagus nerve. Sensation to the glottic and 1992 NEWS NYTimes of tubing had disappeared, but it never wound down the esophagus as it was supposed to. Instead, it tangled somewhere inside 1998 MAG ChildDigest muscle allows part of the upper stomach to come into the esophagus at certain times, such as when a person is very full 1993 SPOK CBS_48Hours death. Dr-McGINTEY :... may not be cancer of the esophagus but none of us are here forever. (Footage-of-Ralston) 2003 MAG SatEvenPost Left untreated, the constant presence of stomach acid in the esophagus can also result in ulcers, strictures (narrowing ), and 1999 NEWS NYTimes was caused by extensive blood loss from a tear in his esophagus caused by vomiting, according to the family's complaint. # 1997 SPOK NPR_Morning goes down to the esophagus, it connects to -- the esophagus connects to this structure right here. Does anybody know what 2003 ACAD EarNoseThroat. Patients 1 and 7 had iatrogenic perforation of the cervical esophagus diagnosed during esophagoscopy. Group 3. Patients 3, 4 2011 MAG USAToday Barrett's esophagus, a change in the lining of the esophagus due to acid reflux. Acid reflux occurs when stomach acid 2008 MAG PopScience. The extra maneuverability lets doctors scan the stomach and esophagus for disease from multiple angles, AQUILION ONE 2009 SPOK ABC_GMA. I'm gon na follow the water down into the esophagus here. And what you're gon na see in a second 2008 ACAD EarNoseThroat further sequelae. Perforations of the hypopharynx and esophagus in children during endoscopy or insertion of endotracheal and 1999 MAG ConsumResrch ). Warning signs of a lodged drug in the esophagus is a feeling that something is stuck in the throat ; or 2001 MAG VegTimes Portion control is a key weapon against GERD." The esophagus is a tube of muscle," Farrell explains," so 1996 ACAD EarNoseThroat about 2.3% to 13%. (n7, n11 ) The upper esophagus is most often affected. Bullae are rarely seen because the 2015 MAG SatEvenPost paralysis. Bones Bones can get stuck in the esophagus or break into sharp pieces that may cause internal bleeding. # 1998 MAG MotherEarth was repeated-this time using a carcinogen that affects the esophagus-the results were even more dramatic. Dr. Michael Wargovich, who

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    2. @j007: I choked on my sandwich. While drinking some water, my friend made me laugh and I choked on my drink.

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    2. That sounds natural grammatically.. but we generally do not use the word esophagus unless we are in a science/medical class. I’d just use the word “throat”. So I’d say “she has some phlegm in her throat” 😊

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    2. of course! I am glad I can help :)

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