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Q: What does your five euros is how much american-wise?
A: How much is five Euros in US dollars?
Q: What does The euro jumped against the dollar to its highest level. mean?
A: euro ( European currency) value appreciate againt Dollar value.
suppose earlier
1 euro = 1.2 Dollar now value increased like
1 euro = 1.5 dollar

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Q: What is the difference between 17.8 million euros before taxes. and 17.8 millions of euros before taxes. ?
A: We don't use the plural form of number words (hundred, thousand, million, etc.) or "of" when talking about a specific number.

❎ 17.8 millions of euros (specific)
✅ 17.8 million euros (specific)
✅ millions of euros (not specific)

❎ 240 thousands of miles (specific)
✅ 240 thousand miles (specific)
✅ hundreds of thousands of miles (not specific)
Q: What is the difference between it costs 5 euros and it's 5 euros ?
A: thanks!

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? 1 euro la unidad for example the bananas cost "1 euro la unidad"
A: 1€ each.

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Q: "it cost 4 euros to swim at my favorite pool"

why is it not "in the pool"?

A: Because if you are going to a place where you pay to use the pool, it implies that you will be "at" the building (or outdoor area) that houses the pool, rather than just "in" the pool. For example, if I am sitting on a bench watching my kids swim and a friend calls to ask where I am, I would respond "I'm at the pool!"
When you use "at" you imply that you are paying both to swim and to be at the facility (to use the pool, the locker rooms, etc.), not just swim "in" the pool.
Q: Can I pay it in euro?

May I pay it in euro?

Can I pay it with euro?

May I pay it with euro? does this sound natural?
A: Depending on the situation, dustymoon is right and the "for" is not necessary. I was thinking from the standpoint of standing in a shop, trying to make a purchase. But if you are paying for a bill, you wouldn't need "for".
Q: "This is the euro of the brain."
I'm kind of confused. What does 'euro' actually mean in this sentence?
Thank you.
A: I think maybe the word "euro" was supposed to be "neuron"😊😊
Q: The euro zone is no longer a safe haven. From the perspective of terrorists, maybe they believe that the bureaucratic administration existing between different European countries make it easy for terrorists to run away and to escape from a massive manhunt. It has been such a long time to seek out the mastermind of the Paris attack and right after this, other terrorists avenged for the capture. It seems that terrorists are invisible in Europe while intelligence agencies have nothing to hide before terrorists. does this sound natural?
A: "From the terrorists perspective, maybe they believe that the bureaucratic administration that exists between different European countries makes it easy for terrorists to escape from a massive manhunt."

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