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Q: What does existential mean?
A: Thank you so much!
Q: What does Given the existential reluctance of established states to yield territory and power, this conundrum has no easy solution mean?
A: Words:
Existential: relates to their existence
Reluctance: Don’t want to do something
Established: has been around for a long time (might be relative to something else).
Yield: produce or give up or loose.
Territory: land, or a controlled area

Translated into simple English:
"older countries do not want to give up territory (land) and power, this problem is not easily solved.”
Q: What does existential grilling mean?
A: I'm not exactly sure. "grilling" here means they are being interviewed or questioned in an intense way. Usually I have heard "existential" in the phrase "existential threat," which means that it is a threat that could harm your existence (e.g. maybe a disease outbreak is an existential threat to a nation). So if "existential" has the same meaning here then it really just emphasizes how strong the grilling is.

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Q: I am having an existential crisis. does this sound natural?
A: Natural and I wish you the best of luck! Stay strong!
Q: What does existential humor mean?
A: Existentialism is a philosophy that tries to find the meaning of existing. Existential humor is type of comedy that revolves around inevitable death and meaningless in life. It doesn't sound like it would be funny, but it's called "dark humor."

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