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    2. I prefer... I am an expedient woman.

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    2. The words are similar but I wouldn't call them synonyms. "Convenience" is generally a positive thing as it's something that makes your life easier by requiring less effort of you. "The fact that my grocery store is within walking distance is really a convenience!" "Expediency" is generally a negative thing. It typically means to take the easy way out or do what is best for you, when it's not necessarily good for anyone else. (I usually hear it in a political context) "People grew angry at the politician's expediency in appointing his supporters as officials."

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    2. Keep in mind that it is a formal word. I don't use it day to day and hardly know what it means. It is probably more common in higher level political readings and such. Expediency: doing what is convenient (or self-ish) rather than what is morally right. Example sentences I found are (I did not write these): "He was guided by expediency rather than principle." "There is no expediency where there is no obligation." "It was decided that, for the sake of expediency, they would take." "This was a matter less of morals than of expediency." "China has bowed to economic reality and political expediency by calling a halt to aid to Zimbabwe." "This was not for a war of national survival, but for political expediency." "In doing so, he appeared prepared to sacrifice military success on the altar of political expediency." You definitely don't want to say "an expediency," just "expediency". I think the issue is that you say he "helped" his coworkers. Even if it was out of self-interest, I think expediency is more negative and serious than that.

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    2. assertion = a strong statement that might not be supported by evidence or reason expediency = efficiency, doing things without waste or delay party unity = when all the members of a political party agree on everything, and nobody is arguing or threatening to quit the party under assertions of expediency and party unity = making forceful but unsupported claims that they can do these things because they are efficient and everybody agrees that they are necessary

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