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    2. 不明白

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    2. Why have you applied to our University? I've always been interested in your university and the most important reason for applying is that XXX is very reputable. XXX has high quality teaching staff and the learning atmosphere here is very good, which will provide me with motivation for high academic achievement. The study of Accounting here is quite advanced compared to other universities in the country and it is important for me to lean from professors who are experienced and dedicated. A high quality internship program is available, offering good learning opportunities which I desire .

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    2. ​‎Hi, community. Hope you are doing well. May I take a moment of your time? I have finished writing my cover letter for a job and as a non-native speaker of English, I'm not ENTIRELY sure IF THIS WILL contain mistakes. So I would really appreciate your generosity if you help me with corrections. Thanks in advance. Dear Citigroup hiring team, My life circumstances HAVE challenged me to become an entrepreneur while still studying at university. In this adventure, I have experienced and realized the importance of financial service experts, like those of the Citigroup, to the life and prosperity of businesses. During my entrepreneurship adventure, I have achieved some financial management successes. I struggled, like the majority of SME’s entrepreneurs IN my country, a lot with FINANCIAL BUSINESS issues. As A non-finance, accounting or banking graduate - I lacked technical skills that I NEEDED IN ORDER to run my FINANCIAL BUSINESS with PERFECT performance. As a consequence, I was always in search of financial and accounting service experts to outsource some of my FINANCIAL management. This adventure allowed me (through experiential learning) to grasp the impact of your financial Ingenuity on the success of businesses and the economy overall. Something that I wasn’t aware of when I CHOSE which major field to study in AT university after having my high school baccalaureate with honor. It’s true that I don’t have a degree in finance, accounting or banking but my entrepreneurial experience had, and continues, to teach me that financial services is IN the industry - where I can make a passion driven fantastic career. Accordingly, I recently have built my career plan around opportunities that allow me to achieve the chartered financial analyst and chartered accountant professional qualifications as a medium-term smart objective. The fact that you are looking for people who are passionate about financial services whatever their degree majors are, is the reason why I believe that the Citigroup is where I can make this dream career come true. It assures me that the Citigroup is the best place to be because it gives me the chance to support me, invest in me and train me to ignite my passion driven career. My country is a land of natural resources and opportunities. It has an important potential of young people who want to enterprise AND make their lives and TO MAKE their families prosper, but when it comes to action a lot of them have a serious lack in financial management and governance which CAUSES their failure. So my great passion is to empower those young entrepreneurs, with responsible financial services & corporate governance, updated insights and best practices, which WILL allow them to succeed sustainably, even in small provinces. I am very excited to meet with you to learn more about this opportunity and share WHY I AM A great fit for the Citigroup. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, (Write your name here) - this is very good, amazing in fact!! There are a few corrections that I’ve made in CAPITAL LETTERS, I have added some punctuation such as commas, brackets and hyphens. With commas, take a small breath before you move on, likewise with hyphens. Then when text is in brackets, it means it’s not as important so you say it more quietly compared to the rest. I hope this helps you 😊 good luck 😉👍🏻

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