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    2. amusement parks never get taken down. they roller coasters and things like that stay up all year around and are often bigger. fair grounds are pieces of land that fairs occur on, but fairs are usually just a week or two out of the summer and are smaller.

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    2. Yes it does ^-^

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    2. Each spring since 1970, New Orleans has hosted the Jazz and Heritage Festival, an event that celebrates the music, food and culture of the region. Although it is often referred to as “Jazz Fest,” the festival typically includes a wide variety of musical styles such as gospel, Cajun, blues, zydeco and rock and roll. Famous musicians who have appeared regularly at Jazz Fest include Dr. John, B. B. King and Aretha Franklin. Large stages are set up throughout the fairgrounds in a way that allows up to ten bands to play simultaneously without any sound overlap. Food tents are located throughout the festival and offer popular, local dishes like crawfish Monica, jambalaya, and fried green tomatoes. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Jazz Fest revived quickly, and attendance has steadily increased each year. Fans who cannot attend the festival still enjoy the music by downloading MP3 files and watching performances online.

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