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Q: What does I'm all out of faith mean?
A: Not unless specified!

e.g "my faith in god"
Q: What does The stronger the faith, the harder the test, and the greater the reward. mean?
A: You need to have a lot of faith to face hard tests and get the best rewards :)
Q: What does I have faith things will get together. mean?
A: Is this the EXACT way they wrote it?

If they did then it is wrong as it doesn't make sense with your friends current situation.

The saying is normally,

"I have faith things will get better."

This means that you believe that your future will be better than your past. For your friend it could mean she she either believes she will get back together or that she will be better in time after the breakup.

She could also mean,

"I have faith we will get together."

...but she wrote it wrong?
If she did write it wrong and this is what she meant then she believes that they will get together.

I honestly can't tell what she meant by the original message, sorry!

I hope it helped a little bit.
Q: What does All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life. mean?
A: He had lots of anger, he had it in the past, in the past it had not affected his future.
I hope that's okay, even though using so many "had"s isn't incorrect, it annoys me when used so much.
Q: What does "public faith in their veracity endures" mean?
A: I think it may be because the author used language that sounds rather distancing to me; it sounds impersonal.
Also, the present tense in the sentence makes me feel like the public is being closely monitored.

Of course, "they" might not really be deceitful, but that is the impression I am getting.

Example sentences using "Faith"

Q: Please show me example sentences with live faith life.
A: That’s probably how I would word it in English (how you said it at the end”.

Something like: They lived false faithful lives; so much so that they killed Jesus.

Another way might be “they lived religiously but they did not have faith in Jesus”
Q: Please show me example sentences with faith.
A: I have lots of faith in you
Q: Please show me example sentences with faith.
A: Faith = Believe
*usually related to morals, religion, etc.

I have faith in you. = I believe you will succeed/do good.

I have faith in my religion. = I believe that my religion is real/true.

I have faith that you will do the right thing. = I believe that you will do the right thing.

I don't have any faith in our politician. (I do not believe this politician will do good).
Q: Please show me example sentences with faith.
A: I have faith that she will survive (the surgery)
I have faith in the lord
I have faith in you
I have faith in love
I have faith in our government
Don't lose faith

Faith is my daughter (name)

Synonyms of "Faith" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between faith ,trust and belief ?
A: They are often considered interchangeable! In many cases I would not hesitate to switch them.

Faith sounds the most religious and has an emotional connection, like optimism.

“Don’t doubt me. Have faith.”
“I have faith that better things are coming.”
“I have faith in our ability to win.”

Trust is usually between people.

“Of course I trust you. We’ve been friends for years.”
“You may not like Joe, but I trust him.”
“It’s better like this, trust me.”

Belief is the most general since it just means “thinking a thing is true.”

“I believe in God.”
“I believe it will rain.”
“Believe me, I’d walk out in an instant if she wasn’t footing the bill.”
Q: What is the difference between faith and trust and believe ?
A: Faith means to think something is true without having proof.
Trust is thinking someone is truthful without having proof.
Believe/Belief can refer to faith, religion, or simple ideas that you think are true.
Q: What is the difference between A common faith to keep them strong and A common faith keeps them strong ?
A: It's all about tenses!
Keeps, indicates present tense. So it means the effect of a common faith is something that's happening in the present time. It's just a simple declaratory sentence.
The "to" in the first sentence becomes an indication of "need" or "reason." You can also write the first sentence as "To keep them strong, a common faith is needed." But if you want to eliminate the word need, you just write it as "A common faith to keep them strong."
Q: What is the difference between faith and trust and reliable ?
A: Faithとtrustは名詞で、reliableは形容詞です。Trustは動詞としても使えますけど。

Faith (神様などに信じる気持ち。または、あることが起こると強く信じること。 I have faith that he will do well in life. (彼は出世するのは確かです)

Trust (信頼。動詞として、have faithと同じ意味であることもあります)
I trust my friends. →友達「信頼している」
I trust that you'll go far. →あなたは出世するのは確かです

Reliable (頼りにできる)
He's a reliable fellow. →彼は頼りにできるよ。

Translations of "Faith"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? faith
A: こちらの回答が参考になるかも?
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What does “his faith is fast” mean?
A: Besides the usual "wow that car is really fast", Fast can also mean "hard to move, firm or securely". So his faith isn't easily shaken, he has strong faith.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? faith
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? faith
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? how about your faith ?
A: "what's your religion?"

Other questions about "Faith"

Q: You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. does this sound natural?
A: you sound really good!!! the only word i think could use a little work is 'dirty', but i'm just being picky. here's me saying all of it in case you want to compare! :)
Q: You've always had faith in me.
Though I dream about the immortal happiness,
all I ever want is one thing. does this sound natural?
A: "You've always had faith in me.
Although I dream about eternal happiness,
all I (really ever want / ever wanted) is one thing."
Q: The Japanese have easily the deepest faith in ourselves of all peoples of Asia. does this sound natural?
A: the part that sounds a little unnatural is when you say all peoples. I would say this " of all the people of Asia. It sounds a little less formal and awkward
Q: "They have continued in the faith of their fathers."
Can this sentence mean both "they are in the faith that their fathers were in" and "they believe in their fathers, which is their faith (like confucianism)"?
A: No I think it only has the first meaning. If you wanted to say they have faith in their fathers you'd say "they have continued to have faith in their fathers" or "they have continued faith in their fathers." But note "to have faith in someone" means to trust them, it has nothing to do with religion.

"In the faith" is usually used in regard to religious faith
Q: I was impressed by her faith to keep her word that she would come to school everyday despite her tight schedule. does this sound natural?
A: @deris79: yes, you can also say to keep her promise, both sounds right

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