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    2. Quizá ... "We had a family day yesterday; we rested and watched TV" ?? (series == televisión? No estoy seguro).

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    2. My, that's a lot of text! While it can be written better, I'll just focus on correcting the grammatical/spelling errors. I'll mark the mistakes with brackets. These days, there is a lot of debate on whether we should study the past. Some people are sure that the past is not worth studying as we have the present. However, I think that studying the past is very important as it can help us in our modern life and future. (Firstly). our history (is) full of tragic events which should not (be repeated). Knowing (the) past can help us prevent a lot of mistakes in the future. From our history we know (the) results of (war) (NOTE: in this case, "war" is seen as plural instead of singular) and different conflicts. People understand the danger of nuclear weapons (after) two nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People understand that only one (act of murder) can (start) an entire war, since the first World War was the result of the (murdering of) the king of Serbia. (NOTE: It's actually the assassination of an Archduke of Austria-Hungary) The (terrorist) acts of 9/11 led people to understand how dangerous terrorism can be, and (since) then, no one approves (of) terrorism. Such (experiences) can help people maintain peace on Earth. (Secondly), our history is also full of great events and inventions. Unfortunately, some inventions are forgotten. These days, thousands of scientists are trying to understand how the Pyramids (of) Giza and (the) statues on Christmas Island were erected. Understanding the building techniques (that) were used by our ancestors can help us create more architectural wonders. (By studying the past), we can find out how people prevented some wars. For example, during the Cold War, the USSR and the USA were close to (starting) a war, but (John Fitzgerald Kennedy's good policies) prevented a potential war. (By studying the past), we can (learn) how we should act to make the world better. Taking everything into consideration, we can come to (the) conclusion that we must study the past, (because if) we know the past, we can build (a) great future (for) our civilization.

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    2. We're *more than* familiar with it."

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