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Q: What does fanatic mean?
A: Someone who is obsessed with something or is an extreme fan of something. :)

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Q: Please show me example sentences with fanatic.
A: Ex: It's a fantastic scene

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Q: What is the difference between fanatic and frenetic ?
A: We don’t commonly use fanatic in the way that you’re thinking. Instead, we use it to define someone who really likes something, possibly to the point of obsession.

Frenetic means full of energy. :)
Q: What is the difference between fanatic and zealot ?

Today, they mean basically the same thing

The original Zealots were an actual Jewish sect who resisted the Roman occupation. They died rather than be captured. Somehow this came to be identified as "unflexible in terms of faith" - the same as fanatic, more or less.
Q: What is the difference between fanatic and frantic ?
A: A "fanatic" denotes someone who is obsessively devoted to a particular person, subject, or belief. "Frantic" means harried, rushed, or exciting in a manner that implies chaos of panic.


"Some people think my father is a religious fanatic."

"The atmosphere at work today was frantic."
Q: What is the difference between fanatic and aficionado and enthusiast ?
A: Fanatic implies that there is little to no control in how a person behaves towards the thing or belief they admire.

Aficionado to me generally implies that they have a good degree of mastery and/or knowledge in the thing or skill.

Enthusiast means they are very supportive/excited about the thing/event, but don't necessarily have any great knowledge or expertise in it.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? fanatic

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