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Q: What does No firearms, no backups.

What does backups mean in this context (police investigation) mean?
A: In a police context, a backup is an officer who watches from a distance while another officer does something, such as approach a witness or suspect. If the situation becomes dangerous, the backup intervenes and/or calls for help.
Q: What does Can you carry a firearm on your person? mean?
A: It means “can you carry a gun on yourself”
Q: What does firearms mean?
A: firearms = armas de fuego

Por ejemplo pistolas o rifles

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Q: What is the difference between firearms and gun ?
A: A firearm is usually a gun held by one person, like a handgun or a rifle. The word "gun" is more general. It could refer to a hand-held gun or to a huge gun aboard an airplane or ship.
Q: What is the difference between a firearm and firearms ?
A: You’re very welcome!
As for why, I believe it is an older-English expression or a more formal and clear way of putting it.

“No person shall possess firearms” would work, but people probably didn’t want any need for clarification, so they put “a firearm or firearms”

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Q: I didn't know firearms are available at Walmart in the US. I knew that in the Japan Times Does this sound natural?
A: さん "I didn't know that firearms are available (for purchase) at Walmart in the US. I found out from reading the Japan Times."の方が正しいや自然です。
Q: What do you think about it, but there seems to be firearms for the children?
A: What do you mean? 🙋

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