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    2. Warren: I think it's just rabbits. But you can also use it metaphorically, for a house or area of a town that is confusing and chaotically designed. Hurl: If she hurled you at your books, she picked you up and threw you. I think you mean she hurled your books at you. It means throw violently. You can also use it metaphorically, as in hurling abuse at someone. Slump: It's like a collapse. When you slump your shoulders, it's like you suddenly droop. Steward: the word means to take care of something. As a verb, you can steward the country's resources, for example. An air steward takes care of air passengers. A tinker is someone who mends pots and pans. It is used as a slightly rude word for a gypsy or traveller (they used to fix saucepans and sharpen knives). From that, if you call someone a tinker, it means they are a bit lawless, maybe a bit dirty (from gypsy stereotypes). To tinker with something comes more directly from the basic meaning of fixing pans, to try to fix something by playing about with it A flagon is a big bottle or container of liquid. Dimness: If something is dim, it's a very low light situation. As a verb, to dim a light is to make it darker (not extinguish it though). A dimmer switch is one that lets you adjust the brightness of the light. A dim person is not very bright. Shore: the line between sea and land. Hosiery: Socks, tights, stockings etc. Comes from medieval "hose" (those tight leggings men used to wear in the 18th century and before) Thence is quite archaic. it means from a place you've already mentioned. So you might say, we traveled to London, and from thence home by taxi" It can be translated as por consiguiente when you use it metaphorically "he studied meteorological data and from thence extrapolated long term climate change patterns" To quiver: to shake or shiver. I think it sounds like the movement of a jelly when you poke it. Unwary: Wary is cautious or untrusting, and unwary is the opposite. Usually used in the sense "unwary travellers often fell victim to the local bandits" etc Crackling: the sound of snapping you get from a wood fire. Crackling is also the skin of a roast pig (chicharron), because it makes the same noise.

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    2. Hurl: This is good. It's still being used, those it might also refer to someone vomiting. "She hurled into the toilet" Slump: Good. Steward: Might refer to a flight attendant on an airplane or someone who does the same job but on a train. Their job is to help passengers. Tinker: Good Flagon: Uhhh I haven't heard this one in a while. If it's not outdated, it's uncommon. Dimness: Good Shore: Good Hosiery: Hosiery stores aren't really common, but you can buy hosiery at most clothing stores. Thence: Uncommon. A more common version is "Thenceforth" but I'd use "Therefore" first. It's like por consiguiente. Quiver: Good Unwary: Good. Crackling: Good.

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