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Q: What does flaunt it mean?
A: It means to show it off. "He flaunts his money by buying fancy cars".
Q: What does flaunting mean?
A: flaunting means to show off. "she is always flaunting her outfits because she dresses so well."
Q: What does flaunts mean?
Q: What does flaunting mean?
A: Purposefully showing something off in front of other people.
Q: What does flaunt mean?
A: Flaunt means to display something to the public, often wanting to show appreciation for the object.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with flaunt.
A: She likes to flaunt around town.
He is flaunting his good looks.
Tim's dad enjoys flaunting his wealth.

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Q: What is the difference between flaunt and brag ?
A: When you brag, you speak or talk about something you are proud of, or something that you know is better than someone else’s thing. For example: you tell everyone about your really pretty dress - you brag about your dress.

When you flaunt something, you show it outwardly. People notice or see it without you having to talk specifically about it. For example: you wear your expensive dress to the party - you flaunt your wealth.

John bragged about his new girlfriend to his coworkers, he claimed she was the prettiest girl in the whole town.

John flaunted his new girlfriend at the bar, he wanted everyone to see them together that day.

Alex could be found bragging about her beautiful house, which was in the most desirable neighbourhood, to anyone who would listen.

Alex flaunted her flashy new engagement ring wherever she went, making sure she always had her hand on top of any table so that everyone could see it.
Q: What is the difference between flaunt and show off ?
A: they are synonyms, the meaning is basically the same but they are used in slightly different ways.

for instance, your friend could show off their new motorcycle trick they learned. You wouldn't say your friend flaunted their new trick though, unless he was being an ass about how cool his trick was.

though sometimes show off can have a negative meaning (especially if someone calls you a show-off), flaunt tends to be more negative. When I think flaunt I think like rich people who are showing off their fancy cars and think they're better than everyone. Showing off does not always mean you feel better than everyone, it usually means you just want attention.
Q: What is the difference between flaunt and show off ?
A: Actually, there's no difference at all; just preference.
Q: What is the difference between flaunt and showup ?
A: You can flaunt all by yourself. Showing someone up means they are in competition with you somehow.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? flaunting
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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? flaunt
A: Flaunt means to show off. For example: She can't wait to flaunt in her new sexy bikini when she goes to the beach this summer.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce flaunt.
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