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Q: What does former mean?
A: It means having been something previous. for example 'I am a former employee of a business' or 'that is my former boyfriend'
Q: What does former mean?
A: 'Former' means you previously had it (ex-boyfriend -> former boyfriend) or it means the 1st thing out of two (e.g "Do you want pizza or chips?" "I'll have the former" which means the pizza)
Q: What does former mean?
A: @CatalinaR: Former basically is a term used to describe something previous, like I'm a former investigator - meaning someone who was once an investigator. Or like (I'm) formerly known as Sandy Smith, like maybe she got married and is now known as Sandy Devon.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with former.
A: She was a former football player (she used to play football)

Basically anything in that context will make sense using ‘former
Q: Please show me example sentences with former.
A: The former president of the United States was Barack Obama.
My former teacher had a baby in 2011.
There are two boys names jack and john but the former has a puppy.
Q: Please show me example sentences with former and latter.
A: Former - the first (in a list of 2) or a predecessor, something of the past
Latter - the last in the list

You can have either a hug or a kiss. Which do you prefer? The former (a hug) or the latter (a kiss)?

Barack Obama, Geroge W. Bush, and Bill Clinton are all former U.S presidents.
Q: Please show me example sentences with former.
A: Obama was the former president of the United States (previous)
Q: Please show me example sentences with former.
A: 'Former' means 'before' or 'once earlier'. So for example, 'my former friend' means someone who is no longer your friend, or 'my former job' means you no longer work there.

Synonyms of "Former" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between former and old ?
A: Former is referring to something (or some state of being) that came before.

Example: My former teacher was very strict. = The teacher I had before was very strict.

Old, means not new and/or not young.

Example: The books were very old.

"Former" cannot mean that something is aged.

However, "Old" can mean the same thing as "Former"

So, it is proper to say "My old teacher was very strict". (This can mean the teacher is an old man or woman, or that the teacher is a former teacher of yours. It depends on context.)

But it is not proper to say "The books were former."
Q: What is the difference between former and previous ?
A: They are basically the same. The word former is used more commonly to talk about those who used to hold professional positions and titles.
Q: What is the difference between former and ex and previous ?
A: Former means "used to be".
I'm the former player; I used to be the player.

Previous is used to mean "before".
That's the previous song; That was the song before this song.

I'm guessing you mean "ex-". It is used before a word to mean not anymore. This is my ex-girlfriend; this was my girlfriend. You can to make ex- and the word a one word; ex-friend.

You could say that ex- and former are alike.

Oh wait never mind, you don't need to use the "-" after ex. They can be two words; ex friend.
Q: What is the difference between former and previous and ex ?
A: Well, depending on the situation, they could in fact reference the same person... or not, because relationships are complicated.

Say you're seeing Girl A, and then break up😢.
She's now your "Ex"girlfriend and "Former lover."

And say you date 2 more girls before find The One (Girl D)and get Married 💍.

Girl A is now one of your "Previous" girlfriends, one of you "Former" lovers, and one of your "Exs".

Well after 5yrs Girl D isn't cutting it, & you get a divorce. 😭

Now that you've been married- Ex suddenly Only refers to the Ex-wife.

(Oh, and Girl A came back into your life. She ends up being your Real Happily Ever After). 💕

Also: Former can refer to listing in a sentence, as in Former and Latter

Previous can also be utilized like the word back, as in "to go back".
Q: What is the difference between former and previous ?
A: They both mean something that came before. Sometimes they are used in different situations.
Barack Obama is the former US president.
In the previous TV show episode, the main character died.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? former
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? former
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Former U.S. President Richard Hoover called World War II President Franklin Roosevelt a lunatic and said the war against Japan was waged by that lunatic and provoked by American provocation.
Roosevelt tried to cover up the failure of his New Deal and use war as a means of economic recovery. The United States should have kept a close eye on the war between Germany and the Soviet Union, but it enacted a law to lend weapons and exported arms. It further escalated the war, fueled the crisis, and drove Americans opposed to the war into battle. Roosevelt's conspiracy with the Soviet Union is evident from the Venona documents. The obsessive record that the former president spent 20 years perfecting proved that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not intended to stop the war, but were disgusting human experiments to test the power of nuclear weapons. Does this sound natural?
A: @superthurso Wow your vocabulary is very good! Excellent job on describing this moment of history! ^-^
Q: Please show me how to pronounce former.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Former Brazilian president, investigated in a corruption scandal, is named chief of staff, gaining legal immunity

Lula's swearing-in was temporarily suspended by a federal judge; final decision regarding the legality of the appointment is up to the Supreme Court

Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, popularly known as Lula, was president of Brazil from 2003 to 2010, when he left office with a 90% approval rating and helped to elect his sucessor and current head of state, Dilma Rousseff. Both are members of the governing party, called Workers' Party, which therefore has been in power for 13 years. Brazil has suffered one its worst crisis in decades, with the most important political figures under investigation: the speaker of the lower house, the president of the Senate, the vice president, the sitting president, some leaders of the opposition and finally the former president Lula.

One of the most popular leaders of the nation faces accusations of money laundering and illegal accumulation of wealth. This month, the Federal Police raided his home and took him into custody on suspicion he benefited from a bribery scheme. Some days after prosecutors requested his preventive detention, Lula was named Rousseff's chief of staff., who currently faces impeachment preceedings that have been opened in Congress against her. In Brazil cabinet ministers and other authorities can only be tried in the Supreme Court, where the process may be dragged out for years. Thus, many critics and opponents of the government saw Lula's appointment as obstruction of justice in order to give him some kind of legal immunity. This has contributed to boost the political tension in a divided country. There have been a lot of demonstrations across the nation after the former president accepted the fourth most important post of Brazil. Does this sound natural?
A: some of the sentences are run-ons.

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