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    2. Generally speaking, I would say that there are plenty of reasons for people to travel. Firstly, is holiday related travel. First and foremost, not only can we visit family and friends but; we can also get to know different cultures. Furthermore, it is said that traveling broadens the mind. This happens when we interact with people from different backgrounds, acknowledge differences between each other and, embrace outside the box thinking. Secondly, it goes without saying that, as time goes by it is easier to visit different places. Common vacation requirements from, finding cheaper flights to, having more opportunities for different kinds of budget suitable accommodations become a lot easier to handle when given more time. Last but certainly not least, wishes to change environment, or, ‘changing things up’. After a while of stress from work and the same daily routine it is understandable that some wish for a change to unwind and let their hair down for a while. If it were not for holidays, we would not have the proper psychological development to continue on with our daily lives. Another point worth a mention is business, due to globalization and free trade many companies have made international deals making traveling a necessity. As far as science is concerned, many scientists are forced to visit unexplored places to carry out their research. Their studies are useful because not only do they study the place itself for a better knowledge of it but; they can also discover new things such as new species, materials, fossils, and more. Furthermore, nowadays many scientists go to conferences to update/debate about global issues such as global warming. Overall, I would say that there quite a plethora of different reasons behind traveling in general. Thankfully, it has never before been so easy to go from one point of the world to another. In addition, nowadays more people are able to afford to travel for different reasons as compared to the past leaving room for more reasons of the growing popularity of traveling overall.

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