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Q: What does founding other.(turkey and greece are each others' founding others.) mean?
A: Thank you for the citation. This is quite odd and not a phrase I have ever heard before; and I am quite well-educated.

In this case from context I can only imagine it comes from the psychological concept of “otherness” - and the idea that each for the other country is, and has been from the start a kind of Ur-other for the other country. The primal opposite, the “other” that stands in opposition to oneself. I have no background in psychology or sociology to explore this idea in depth, but I think this is where he is going. Info and link below.

“It has been used in social science to understand the processes by which societies and groups exclude 'Others' who they want to subordinate or who do not fit into their society.”

The more I think of this the cleverer it is. There **is** an expression that is very common in US English: “the founding fathers” - and at first I thought this was your mis-transcription of that phrase. But it is instead a spin on that phrase.
Q: What does founding college mean?
A: What’s the context/sentence?

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Q: founding, enhancement and empowerment of women's cooperatives, the trilateral MOU was signed. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: If you are to intend founding a great business, you need to work harder than anyone. does this sound natural?
A: "If you intend to found / establish a ..."

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