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Q: What does frontier mean?
A: A border or a limit between two countries/things
Q: What does frontier mean?
A: The final opposition/challenge to face.
Q: What does frontier fun mean?
A: Is that a common expression?

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Q: What is the difference between frontier and border ?
A: A frontier is a border with unclaimed land on one side, or land claimed only by native peoples you don't care about. A country expands into a frontier. A border may be a stable line between two nations.
Q: What is the difference between frontier and border ?
A: If you are studying this in a University, these terms are very contested.
but generally, not academically, frontier is like an unsettled place and a border is a place of division between two or more things.
Q: What is the difference between frontier and jurisdiction ?
A: "The officer had no jurisdiction in this county. "

"They lived in a town close to the frontier"
Q: What is the difference between frontier and border ?
A: border appies mostly to countries, while frontiers have a more broad meaning
Q: What is the difference between frontiers and borders ?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? is 'frontier' the same meaning as 'pioneer'?
A: Not quite. The frontier (literally the land past the border of known territory) is the unknown. A pioneer is someone who explores the frontier.

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Q: "This ever-retreating frontier of free land is the key to American development. —Frederick Jackson Turner" What does "ever-retreating" mean here?
A: In a literal sense, it means that the frontier is always moving backwards. In this sentence, he means that settlers never reach the end of the frontier - there is always more land and further to go.
Q: frontier and border difference
A: Border is a line, frontier is an area.
Q: What is "frontier exploration" in oil and gas production? I guess what it means but not sure.
A: the frontier is like wilderness where no one lives. Those are the best places to search for resources like oil and gas.
Q: what are frontiers?
A: A border or a line separating two countries from each other

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