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Q: What does a social gaffe mean?
A: gaffe = error
Q: What does technical gaffe mean?
A: In this case I believe it means you made it a technical mistake. I’m not sure without more context if it would mean that you made a mistake dealing with something technical or if it’s more like “technically you made a mistake but I understand why you made that choice“
Q: What does gaffe mean?
A: As far as I know gaffe is a slang meaning place. "He was all over the gaffe" meaning he was all over the place. ^_^
Q: What does gaffe mean?
A: Saying something embarrassing accidentally

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Q: Please show me example sentences with gaffe.
A: eg. It was my gaffe to call my client by first name. so gaffe is mostly used in such unintentional social blunder which are a little serious and very embarrassing. But I would say gaffe is not as much used as just: blunder, error, mistake.

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Q: What is the difference between gaffe and faux pas ?
A: they are synonyms (the same / interchangeable)

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Q: I made a bad gaffe. I didn't know my boss wears a wig. does this sound natural?
A: "I made a huge gaffe. I didn't know my boss wore a wig." Gaffes are always "bad" so to emphasize you should say "big", "huge", or maybe even "awful". I chose "wore" here because it seems more natural in this context. It seems weird to use a non-past verb when the main verb is a "perceptive" verb, since it wouldn't be possible for you to know a "present" condition in the past anyway. Compare: "I didn't know you lived in this neighboorhood!" or "I didn't know you drank coffee!". Even if the action still happens now, you would use the past tense for "perception" verbs, I think.

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