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    2. Flashy, showy, or excessively bright. Examples: He lived in a garish mansion replete with a pet peacock strutting around a horseshoe shaped driveway lined with a dozen rare exotic cars, each a different neon hue. The boxer, flanked by rappers, fire eaters, and breakdancers, made a garish entrance befitting his flashy fighting style.

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    2. The shirt he was wearing was incredibly garish.

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    2. It would sound more natural to say, "We're just going to a barbecue, not a wedding so I'd like you to wear something less garish." Side note! I've never heard someone use the word garish so if you can change it then it would sound more natural, but if you can't then that's okay! I hope this helped! 😄

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    2. It means that the side street of Manhattan was unclean.

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    2. The focus of the analysis is on the first speech that President Trump made to Congress which took place on March 1st 2018. The aim of this analysis is to determine if he informed the audience of the situation (state what the situation is), and additionally what the future of his presidency might be. To conduct this analysis one must consider the argumentative structure, style and tone created. President Trump is known for creating a bond between himself and the audience by applying an allusion. An example of this is when he states “(copy/paste)”. ((I would also explain why this quote is important, like “he uses the word ‘our’ which shows...”)) He uses emotive language in this speech as well, such as when he says “(copy/paste). The former quote also is an example of Trump appealing to (I wouldn’t say patriotism support, I would say patriotic ideals/attitudes or something along those lines). In the opening of the President’s next paragraph he uses anaphora, which has the focus of the speech directed to the future. (Citation copy|paste). To show contrast between his government and the government of the presidents before him, he over emphasizes the negatives that were associated with said presidencies. Some of the examples that President Trump have were (copy paste). Before these examples Trump makes uses of rhetorical questions to involve the audience’s attention (copy paste). While conducting this speech, Trump uses a garish tone and pretentious diction. He uses words to emphasize both patriotism, as well as the previously stated bond that Trump wants to form with the audience. Examples of this are found when he says, (copy paste). By deciding to use words in this matter he reinforces the need for patriotism, as well as this bond between Americans and this false unity. Again, the frequent use of words like “we”, “us”, and “ours” is a testament to that, it is to make him more sympathetic it is not your struggle it’s our struggle, it is not my problem it’s our problem, America’s problem. This is especially eye-catching at the end of his speech, (copy paste). This sentence in particular was said in a more aggressive tone, but with more simple language. It is easy to convey so each person understands his words and emotions. To conclude, President Trump achieves his goal of informing the audience, and gaining their support. He does this with a smart approach that uses many different stylistic devices, and the tone he used through the speech. (I tried to format it in the way we would use for my uni. papers, no use of I etc. I kinda ran with it lol sorry)

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