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Q: What does garnish mean?
A: In food, it's a small decorative addition to a dish, like a sprig of parsley. In law and business, it's an automatic deduction from a person's salary to pay some debt they owe.
Q: What does garnish mean?
A: garnish is a decoration on top of a dish. it can be edible or not.
Q: What does flatten it, garnish, underneath, thick, stirring mean?
A: flatten it - you would flatten your hair with a straightener, or flatten your cookies before cooking (another word, squish)
garnish- to decorate or add - specifically in food
underneath- beneath something, "Look underneath the bed"
thick- large, deep - "she cut a thick slice of bread"
stirring- exciting, moving, inspirational

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Q: What is the difference between garnish and side order ?
A: you are very kind!!!!
Q: What is the difference between garnish and decorations and ornaments ?
A: ornaments--circular in shape that hang from a tree by a piece of lace, mostly used during Christmas time
decorations-anything used to make something look better, to decorate it

I place my ornaments on the tree.
Can we decorate the cookies? --add sugar, frosting,
Can we decorate the room? --change the way it looks, like for a party

garnish- usually an herb or spice to make a plate of food more appealing to look at does not need to make it taste better just look better

I'm going to add green onion as a garnish.
Q: What is the difference between "garnish" and "on the side" ?
A: "parsley was placed on the fish just as a garnish", " I would like a Waldorf salad with the dressing on the side" A garnish is something used to make food look pretty, "on the side" means separate...a side-order.

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Q: Please show me how to pronounce garnish .
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Making a garnish of a hamburger stake is his homework of the summer break does this sound natural?
A: Thanks.ok I should say just hamburger,not a hamburger stake
Q: Please show me how to pronounce garnish.
A: Check the question to view the answer

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