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    2. gas lighting is a form of mental abuse. so basically it means don't try to mentally abuse me. I'm on to you is like I see what you're doing.

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    2. To deliberately try to convince someone that they're crazy

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    2. It's a very complex word that even mental health professionals have difficulty agreeing on its exact meaning It is considered a form of emotional abuse which can come in a variety of forms. It often happens in romantic relationships but anyone can be a culprit or victim. My basic understanding of it is when one partner is trying to make the other partner believe he or she is crazy. Eg: a cheating spouse may try to convince their partner that they only imagined that there were 2 glasses of wine in the sink, or perhaps they may try to convince them they are paranoid. They may say things like, "you always get this way when you're on your period," or scream at you and call you dramatic. There was an episode of Scrubs where a man wanted an older boss to believe he was losing his memory. This is a classic example. I hope this helped. This is a tough one...

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    2. It means to manipulate someone psychologically. Usually it means the person being gaslighted starts questioning their own sanity.

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