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    2. It means that finding out (pinning down) the exact time and the way that the Earth's (when and how) geological processes began will will not only (will do more) help us understand our home. (Home base is a baseball/sci-fi term for "home", in baseball in men's the home plate.)

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    2. geological position is an exact area e.g. Eiffel tower while a geological location is a general area e.g. paris

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    2. It's when thick layers of rock have been pushed over each other. "Thrust" means to push "Over" means on top "Belt" is an area in a straight line

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    2. "that formally approves such time divisions" is an adjective clause describing "body." It is in present tense because this is something the body does all the time. It may make more sense to you if the clause said, "the geological body that formally approves such time divisions whenever they are proposed." This is similar to talking about "the boy who walks his dog every day" where "who walks his dog" is the adjective clause describing the boy. "Later this year" is not part of the adjective clause. It is an adverbial phrase describing the "when" of "will be put." You could change it to "plans to approve," but if you did this then "will be put" would shift to describing the when of "plans" instead of "will be put." This slightly changes the meaning of the sentence because now the body is only doing the approval at a set point in the future, not on an ongoing basis. I know this is a complicated explanation so let me know if anything is unclear.

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    2. I would say it sounds fine but there are a few things that I would change just to help it flow a little better. Your first two sentences state, "​​South Korea is relatively safe from earthquakes. Whether korea is safe from them has been a contentious issue." It is a little confusing because your first sentence is a statement saying Korea IS safe and then you contradict it by saying that it has been argued that it might, or might not be, safe. I would start off the sentence with a fact rather than statement before the second sentence, for example, "It is a fact that Korea has not seen many earthquakes, but whether it is entirely safe from them has been quite a contentious issue." This way you are not saying 'it is safe' and then 'is it safe?" on consecutive sentences. The next point is where you put, "...there have been numerous damages casued by strong earthquakes..." Saying 'numerous damages' in this way doesn't really make sense so it would be better to word it differently, like this, "...there have been numerous instances of damage caused by strong earthquakes..." It now flows better and is grammatically correct. Also, you repeat some words a little too much, like the use of earthquake. In some places it isn't necessary, like when you put, "Even so, it can't be concluded that we are in serious danger of an earthquake. Because only few earthquakes with over 5 magnitudes have taken place in Korea." You can make these two sentences into one flowing sentence while also removing words you have repeated, as so, "Even so, it can be concluded that we are in serious danger of an earthquake as, at the present time, only a few over 5 on the Richter Scale have taken place in Korea." I'm assuming by magnitude you meant Richter Scale, so I just substituted the word but 'magnitude' is fine to use. The last change I would make is when you put, "...damage could be devastatng if there is a powerful earthquake hit." This one you just simply need to remove the word 'hit' as it isn't necessary at the end of the sentence. If you want to keep 'hit' then you need to expand the sentence, for example, "...damage could be devastatng if a powerful earthquake was to hit the country." I apologise for the long message; you did very well on this passage of text, well done! I hope this isn't too confusing and that it helps you a little bit. 👍🏼

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    2. Don't say "according to my standards.." to express an opinion/theory. "Standards" means the level of quality that needs to be reached in Instead, you can say.. "In my opinion.." "To me.." "As for me.." "I think (that).." "My impression is..."

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