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    2. Well, there are thousands! Here are a few prepositions where I believe English has some differences compared to Spanish. I am getting married to his sister. (English = to; Spanish = con/with) I had a dream about your wife last night. (English = about; Spanish = con/with) Be sure to take care of your mother. (English = of; Spanish = a, I think) I was thinking about your friend Bill. (English = about, Spanish = de/of) I am not voting for Donald Trump; he is an idiot. (English = for; Spanish = por/para, lots of problems there!) One important thing about gerundio is that we use it WAY more often in English when talking about the present tense. For example: "What are you doing right now" -> Que haces ahorita "I'm reading" -> Leo or Estoy leyendo That is OK but going the other way you can NOT translate "leo" as "I read". You would only use "I read" for a habitual event such as: "What do you do after work every day?" "I read." This is a huge difference of Spanish vs English. Well one of thousands but it's a big one.

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    2. I want to help you. I love helping you I love to help you

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    2. Running is good for your health. Watching TV is something I like to do. Sitting for too long is bad. Reading this book is bad for my eyes. La mayoría de las veces, gerundios terminen en “ing.”

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    2. Por lo general, un gerundio se utiliza como una "cosa" o una "idea", y los gerundios siempre terminan en "-ing". You can use any verb as a gerund but some work better and are more commonly used. Here are some common examples: "Running"- is my favorite pastime. "Swimming"- was Sharon’s passion. Peter hated "doing" homework

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