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Q: What does I've settled down with a gin and tonic mean?
A: That means you made yourself comfortable and also have a gin and tonic.
Q: What does gin jockey mean?
A: I believe this could mean a person who drinks a lot of alcohol or is a drunk or alcoholic.
Q: What does gin mean?
A: It's a type of alcohol
Q: What does gin mean?
A: Not completely sure but Gin is an alcohol, right? Lol. Like Gin and Tonic. I don't drink so 😅
Q: What does gin mean?
A: An alcoholic beverage

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Q: What is the difference between gin and alcohol ?
A: thank you!

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Q: The gin tastes bland as water. even a kid can drink, I think. does this sound natural?
A: as bland as also, I think it sounds slightly better to say "even a kid could drink this"
Q: What is "gin and tonic" ?
A: It is a drink. Gin is a strong alcoholic drink. Tonic water is bitter and fizzy.

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