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    2. Glamping is 'glamorous camping'. It's basically when someone goes camping but they have extra bits to make the trip more 'glamorous'. For example, if they had electricity when camping, some might say that they are 'glamping'

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    2. glamping = glamorous camping = going on a vacation where you sleep outdoors, but in a very luxurious or comfortable way The tents used for glamping are large and comfortable. They have electricity and air conditioning, unlike regular tents.

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    2. Oh, I see. It's a mashup of the words "glamorous" and "camping". So glamping is camping with luxuries. Like setting up a fancy high-tech tent in the woods and camping in that area. So, you could use that word just as you would "camping" ex. My friends and I are going glamping this weeked, there's going to be air conditioning and TV!

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    2. “​‎I went to ● to camp with my family. We decided to go there because ● is famous for glamping. “Glamping” combines two words: “glamour” and “camping”. The staff prepared almost everything for us when we went. We enjoyed only the outdoor activities. We had a great/nice time, but I felt that something was lacking.”

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