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Q: What does glide along mean?
A: To move easily and smoothly without being slowed down.

If schoolwork is very easy today and you effortlessly finish it all, you could say that you are “gliding along.”

This term of course comes from physical gliding in the air, because it is a smooth and continuous motion.
Q: What does gliding mean?
A: bueno sería como si usted estuviera en un avión cuando se aterriza eso sería "gliding"
(jeje le gusta el bts XD)
Q: What does glide mean?
A: Move steady and smooth.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with
' glided'.
A: She glided across the ice easily, showing her years of hard work

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Q: What is the difference between glide and slide ?
A: Slide means physical contact as you move all the time. "The car will slide down the hill."

Glide can be physical contact for part of the time. The kite will glide on the air.

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