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Q: What does There's your goddamn news story

I think this should change to 'This could be your goddamn news story"

because just "there is/are" just tell us if it exists or not.
ex" there is a pen, there are apples mean?
A: Yes it’s an expression though. “There’s your X” can mean “THIS (as opposed to whatever else you are thinking about) should be your X”

It’s as though you are pointing out a discovery to someone. “THERE’s the house!” Part of the difference between that and a simple statement of existence is in the tone of voice. Emphasis should be on the THERE in this expression.
Q: What does I'm so goddamn tired mean?
A: Thank you. I got it
Q: What does so goddamn obsessionable mean?
A: obsessionable- this is not a word
It probably means "it is so good that I want to be obsessed with it"
obsessed- to love it very much
Q: What does "give a goddamn" in 1142 mean?
A: "Before I start to care"
He can curl up beside her and the speaker won't care/won't mind

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Q: Please show me example sentences with goddamn .
A: God damn, it's hot.

I wanna quit this God damn job.
Q: Please show me example sentences with goddamn.
A: Goddamn you look awesome!(Good way)
Goddamn it why are you here!
(Bad way)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? You are a great goddamn man
A: You just said it.

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Q: This is goddamn cool
Sounds natural?
A: I would add "so".
this is so goddam cool!
Q: goddamn does this sound natural?
A: "धत् तेरे की"
Q: when can I say "goddamn"?
And what's the difference between "goddamn" and "goddamnit"?
A: Because it's a swear word, when you can say it depends on who you are talking to and who is nearby. You wouldn't say it to or in front of kids, or to or in front of old people, or to strangers. However, if you have a casual relationship, you might be able to say it to old people or strangers then.

Goddamnit can only be used on its own. It is something you say or shout. It usually means something bad has happened.

The man stubbed his toe, and shouted "goddamnit!"

Goddamn is usually an adjective. You can say it in many situations. It can mean something is bad/painful/annoying/etc., like: "These goddamn mosquitoes are biting me!"

It can also be used to emphasize something. This includes good things. "My car stopped right before the cliff! I am so goddamn lucky!"

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