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Q: What does goddess mean?
A: it is the female version of god

hope that helped
Q: What does goddess mean?
Q: What does goddesses mean?
A: 女神たち

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Q: Please show me example sentences with goddess .
A: I guess in America it is not really used in religious ways as most are Christians , but it is used in complementing women , like "you are my love goddess !" or like "she is a goddess at playing piano!" , can't say I actually heard alot of people use it though , it has a very romantic flavour in my opinion

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Q: What is the difference between goddess and god ?
A: Goddess female. God male.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? goddess
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: What is correct?
He wants to turn me into a goddess.
He wants to make me become a goddess.
He wants to make me a goddess. (This one actually sounds weird to me, but maybe I'm wrong. I prefer to ask just in case.)

(bonus question: Is "I prefer to ask" correct?)
A: I’d say you can probably get away with all three, however the first and the third are better because they’re a little less longwinded. The first sounds like the transformation is physical in nature while the third is more generic, it could be literal or figurative.

I prefer to ask is fine 👍
Q: she is a goddess, setting herself ablaze Does this sound natural?
A: jajaja that is a funny sentence.
Pretty much makes sense, "setting herself ablaze" is a bit unnecessary but I still understand.
Q: She's a goddess to him. Does this sound natural?
A: @CityWok:
Do you mean:

"He thinks she's a goddess" ?
Q: You are my goddess but can not dominate my life Does this sound natural?
A: "You are my everything, but I can't let you dominate my life."

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