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    2. going forward = moving in the direction that is in front of you, used figuratively for progress. It can also mean "in the future, from now on" Examples: Once you see the traffic lights, keep going forward another two blocks and you'll reach the grocery store. (physical movement) Time goes forward, there's nothing we can do about it. (metaphorical movement/progress) Going forward, you need to study harder if you want to pass this class. (from now on) going farther = going a longer distance physically Example: I ran 10 miles today, but he went even farther. going further = going a longer distance metaphorically (like in time), making a bolder statement, stretching a quantity Examples: I am telling you this in secret, please don't let it go any further. (metaphorical, spreading to more people) I know you've worked hard on this essay, but before you go any further, I think you need to do some more research. (metaphorical, going a longer distance in time/work) He said you are disloyal, but I would go even further and say you are a traitor. (make a bolder statement) There are too many people here, we need to make the food go further. (stretch the quantity to serve more people)

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