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Q: What does goober mean?
A: It was old slang for a peanut, but could also mean a foolish or silly person.
Q: What does What does,,goober"mean? mean?
A: Originally it was Southern slang for a peanut. It can also mean an idiot.
Q: What does goobers mean?

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Q: Please show me example sentences with goober.
A: He’s such a goober

That girl is a total goober

Hey goober

Goober = someone that is silly, goofy, weird

Goober is also a peanut

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Q: what does mean "goober"?

"what was that goober?"
A: Goober is someone who is lame, silly, kind of funny, and sometimes very nice
Q: What does the goobers mean and when do you use it?
A: It usually refers to a foolish or silly person

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