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Q: What does holy grail mean?
A: It means something that's highly sought after. Historically, it meant something else. But in modern times it's something extremely difficult to find and something people really want.

An example: I've finally found the holy grail lipstick! I'll keep repurchasing this until they sell out!

Or: The holy grail is an extremely safe nutraceutical - a food that all of us consume in small quantities regularly. 
Q: What does the holy grail ? mean?
A: (¡perdón mi español, por favor!)
Es un artefacto religioso, pero en la vernácula es equivalente a un objeto que te da (¿como se dice?) una solución perfecto a tus problemas. O un objeto que es el último de una categoría de cosas. Por ejemplo, si te encanta libros, la biblioteca es "holy grail" de libros. Tiene todo que puedes leer.
O si necesitas dinero, si ganas la lotería es "the holy grail."
Si quires aprender más, recomiendo la película Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Puedes practicar inglés, y tener divertida al mismo tiempo.
Q: What does holy grail mean?
A: It's the ultimate goal, the best possible outcome that someone can seek in their business, research, etc. For example:

"Finding a cure for cancer is the holy grail of medical research."

"Inventing a self-driving car is the holy grail of the tech industry."
Q: What does "holy grail" is this some kind of metaphor? mean?
A: Its not a metaphor, but its a common figure of speech. Generally, if something is your "holy grail," it is something you swear by and have confidence in its performance. What context did you hear it in?

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Q: Please show me example sentences with holy grail .
A: The more common way that words holy grail is used in everyday life is to describe some goal that is of really great significance but not yet achieved
Q: Please show me example sentences with the holy grail.
A: Metaphorically, "holy grail" refers to anything that's highly sought-after.

The so-called "God particle" is the holy grail of physics.

Actually "[item] is the holy grail of [research field]" seems to be quite a common usage. =)

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? holy grail
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: just as it was hard to find the holy grail, so it isn't easy to do this either.
it isn't easy to do this like it was hard to find the holy grail.

are these natural?
in first sentence, can I replace as with like?
does this sound natural?
A: "just like searching for the holy grail, doing this was not easy either."
Q: 'You've seen the holy grail, haven't you?' Can we respond with' no I didn't' or we NEED to use'no I haven't'?
A: You can use any of those 2.
Q: What does "holy grail" mean?
Could you give me some example?
A: The "holy grail" is a reference to the cup Jesus drank from before he was killed. It's an important artifact that people searched for in many legends.

The phrase isn't religious anymore, but it does refer to an amazing goal/object or something "sought after."

"Finding a cure for cancer is the Holy grail of medical researchers."

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