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    2. Hi Hiro, You seem to understand how to use "if only" correctly. This is not good: "It's time she was waiting at the airport." Technically, this might be okay, but it does not sound good and nobody would say this. This is better: "It's time she waited at the airport." I think you understand the meaning of "it's time", but you're not using "ing" past-progressive form correctly here. You tried to use the same pattern as, "I went home", but "ing" means two things are happening at once. Example: "I was waiting and my brother was waiting with me." "She was waiting at the airport, while I was already in a taxi." If you must use progressive. It should be something that also means it will happen right now, so that as you write the sentence, you can start doing the "ing" verb. So now, let's think about how you can fix this. A little better, but still strange: It's time she was starting to wait. (You can start to wait right now. But if she "was waiting", it means she was already waiting, so no new action is taking place. We want a new action to be starting as the sentence is being written or right after.) Even Better: It's time she started waiting. (Simpler = sounds better! Notice: I still used the phrase "started waiting". If I had said "it's time she waited", it would have sounded worse) Strangely enough, "It's time I was going" is okay to say. (English is hard) Also, if you break it into two sentences you can use present progressive! Example: It's time. I'm going. (Perfectly fine!) So, my suggestion: stay simple! These are much simpler: Format 1: It's time . It's time I go/went home. It's time she waits/waited at the airport. It's time I bake/baked the cake. Past and present tense are okay for the verb. But progressive(waiting) or past progressive(was waiting) are much harder to use and can sound bad. Format 2: It's time to It's time to go home. It's time to go to the airport. It's time to bake the cake. If you use, "It's time to" you have taken out the subect. We don't care who is doing the action anymore. Format 3: It's time for to It's time for me to go home. It's time for her to go the airport. It's time for me to bake the cake. If you use "it's time for" you have to say who needs to do something because you said "for". Be careful, the object is not the same as the subject. Objects should be me/her/him and subjects should be I/he/she. This is wrong: It's time for I to go to the airport. But the EASIEST way to use it is this: It's time to => It's time to wait. It's time to go. It's time to bake. This one will almost always work and is the most simple way to use it. Stick to this until you master your English. Then move onto the harder ones! Forget about using past progressive with "it's time" and try not to use past tense even. Good luck!

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