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    2. It means that it satisfies or brings out the best in the relationship of your family and friends :))

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    2. 'Gratified' is more an act of giving praise or pleasure for something someone has done. Example: "I gratified her for her magnificent artwork." "Thank you for giving me this award! I feel gratified after all these years of painting and hard work." 'Satisfied' is more of feeling happy, pleased with something, or contented. Example: "I am satisfied after eating a large dinner." "Please satisfy me by putting some more eggs on my plate." They are confusing to distinguish because they are both synonyms, but I hope I explained well enough for you to understand.

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    2. Relieved is to no longer feel stress or otherwise negatively about something. Gratified is to feel positively about a situation. Relief only removes negative emotions while gratification gives positive emotions. "I felt such relief when the play was over. I couldn't handle being on stage that long!" "Performing in a band is so gratifying. I feel like I can spread my message around the world."

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    2. Yes

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