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Q: I would be greatfule if someone could tell me if I made a correct QUESTIONS (to following answers)
1. To which type of vehicle Rosa Parks refused to move on its back?
2. Which association membership Parks become in1943?
3. That sparked Rosa Parks on 1st December 1955?
4. For what reason Parks was tired?
5.What did the president Edgar Nixon rally 40thousand black commuters for?

1. of a segregated bus
2. of NAACP
3. a national movement
4. of giving in
5. for a city-wide bus boycott does this sound natural?
A: 1. Of what did Rosa Parks refuse to move to the back?
2. Of which association did Parks become a member in1943?
3. What did Rosa Parks spark on 1st December 1955?
4. Of what was Parks tired?
5. What did Edgar Nixon rally 40,000 black commuters to do?

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