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Q: What does grinned in this case mean?
A: A grin is a big broad smile, often with the mouth slightly open.
Q: What does grinned mean?
A: It also means "a big smile"
Q: What does "grinned much wider" and "I'd put a coat in my mouth"
As I read the introduction, I couldn't have grinned much wider if I'd put a coat in my mouth mean?
A: Grinned means smile, but I'm not sure what the second one means
Q: What does grinned mean?
A: To smile

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Q: What is the difference between grinned and smirked ?
A: grinning is used to describe someone smiling

For example: She was grinning when she saw him at the store.

Smirked is used to describe someone who is up to something no good or planning something.

For example: He smirked at her when she asked ‘what do you want’.

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Q: i grinned at him with you. Does this sound natural?
A: We smiled at him

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