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    2. it means basic, hard and repetitive work. Often physical, that doesn't need a lot of skills.

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    2. As I understand it, “grunt” is more commonly used in the US. It means a low-ranking soldier or unskilled worker/labourer. They do the “grunt” work.

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    2. A grunt is the lowest rank of soldier. Fighting in the trench seems like a hopeless situation. So, I guess it means either: Being in a hopeless situation with no control Or Doing whatever you can to survive.

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    2. 'Make a noise' Usually a grunt is something that isn't a word. You might grunt when lifting or catching something heavy.

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    2. Grunt work refers to work that is not very glamorous, often very boring and does not take a lot of skill

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    2. His answer sounded like a grunt. Why did you grunt at me? The pig grunted.

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    2. grunt has a couple of meanings but in this one it is a short noise, like tsk or gr, groan is longer like girrrrr or ahhhhhh lol hard to make sounds by just typing

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    2. What a question. I will try to help. A grunt is the sound you make if you pick up something heavy, or if someone punches you in the stomach. It is also how we describe the sound someone gives to an answer (it is not yes or no, it is a grunt). "I asked him if he would help me, but he only grunted." A growl is the low sound a dog makes when it is acting aggressive. For people, it is the way an angry or disgruntled person talks. "Don't growl at me; I didn't break your hammer." A groan is a sound made in response to pain or unwanted news. "The patient groaned when the nurse changed the bandage." "When the teacher announced the homework assignment, the class groaned in unison." It also describes the sound of furniture or machinery straining. "The chair groaned loudly when the fat man sat down." Snarl is similar to growl, except that the lips are curled up and it is more threatening. A snarling person is very unpleasant. "I offered to help him, but he snarled that I should leave immediately, so I did." These are really hard to describe. If you have specific questions, I will try to help you.

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    2. Grunt usually is a sound but in this context I think it means put out. That motor home has that much stuff in it.

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