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Q: Please show me example sentences with guardian.
A: You will need a guardian’s signature

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Q: What is the difference between guardian and caregiver ?
A: Guardian is normally used as a legal term for the person who can make decisions on behalf of others, like children, the injured, or the disabled.
A caregiver is more of a general term. It might be a parent, a teacher, or nurse, ect. anyone who is responsible for the physical care of someone.
You can be both at once. A mother would be the guardian of her child and would also be the child's caregiver.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? guardian
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Dear guardian,

This area has 3hrs limitation for awaiting parking. does this sound natural?
A: Parking in this area is restricted to 3 hours. Violators with be towed at their own expense.
Q: Did you bring your guardian form?

Yes, I have it.

does this sound natural?
A: If it's for registering a child for school, guardian form would be better. If it's to give permission for the child to go on a school trip, permission slip.
Q: guardian ex:Parents are children's guardian. Please help me correct the above sentence. Thank you. does this sound natural?
A: maybe say, "Parents are children's legal guardian."

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