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Q: What does حوش بيتنا خوش حوش (gulf dialect) mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does This gulf between drama and serious literature continued well into the twentieth century,and was actually not bridged effectively until the period after the First World War. mean?
A: The difference between fiction and serious works continued into the 1900's and was not dealt with until after World War 1

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Q: What is the difference between gulf and abyss ?
A: A gulf is a wide inlet from an ocean into a continent. A gulf is similar to a bay but much larger.

An abyss is a deep pit. The abyssal zone is the deepest part of the ocean.
Q: What is the difference between gulf and bay ?
A: A gulf is usually bigger than a bay.

Example: The Gulf of Maine is bigger than the Bay of Fundy.

However, a bay can be bigger than a gulf if the place was named by a person who did not know how big the place was.

Example: Hudson Bay is very, very big.

If you are talking about places without names, use the word "bay." "Bay" is the more general word.

Example: "Lakes, bays, and rivers are drawn with blue ink on the map."
Q: What is the difference between gulf and bay ?
A: A gulf is just a very large bay. All gulfs are bays.
Q: What is the difference between gulf and bay ?
A: @vietto2: Gulf : A gulf is the technical name for a very large bay, appropriate for the ones like Gulf of Mexico, Persian gulf and yes Hudson Bay and the Bay of Bengal. In essence, all gulfs are bays . But small bays cannot be categorised as gulfs.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? gulf là danh từ có đếm được không
A: được

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Q: ‎I find that ”a gulf between...and” means the difference and ”a gulf” means a very large area of the sea surrounded on three sides by a coast. In any situation where the word ”gulf” means the difference too?
I read this article and quite confused about the meaning of the word ”the real gulf” in the second paragraph.
One more question, the word ”positions” in the last sentence of the first paragraph means situations/opinions?
(Please correct me if I made any grammar mistake in this question too)
A: thank you so much!
Q: Why does "a gulf" mean only "a bay or a cove" but also "a difference"?
A: "Gulf" has several meanings.

It means a bay, but also a ravine or gorge. It is the second meaning that means the difference.

There is a gulf between them. It is like a ravine between them.
Q: The gulf in status between them is unbridgeable.


The gap in status between them is unbridgeable does this sound natural?
A: the second sentence :) (with "gap")

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