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Q: What does to let one's hair down mean?
A: To relax.

Vera: Patricia and Gina are going to a spa on Friday. Gina has been so stressed out lately.
Rob: Yeah, I have been telling her she needs to let her down more often and not work so much.
Q: What does do hair mean?
A: it means she is styling her hair
Q: What does "I must have my hair cut"

"I must have my watch repaired" mean?
A: It means you need someone to cut your hair or repair your watch. The structure "have something done" is passive, where an object doesn't carry out any action but instead, being affected by someone's action (in this case, the barber/hairstylist or the horologist/watchmaker)
Q: What does I'll get out of your hair forever. mean?
A: It means "I won't bother you anymore"
Q: What does hair of the dog mean?
A: "Hair of the dog" is a short form of "The hair of the dog that bit you". It refers to a small drink of alcohol in order to ease a hangover, which is a set of physical symptoms (headache, nausea, light sensitivity, and more) that can result from excessive consumption of alcohol. For example, if a person drank too much vodka during a party at night, the next morning if they wake up with a hangover they might have a "Bloody Mary" (a drink with vodka in it) because a small amount of alcohol in the morning can temporarily stave off the effect of a hangover, though only temporarily.

Example sentences using "Hair"

Q: Please show me example sentences with Hair removal / permanent hair removal

Hair removal is a big thing in Japan but I’m not sure how to use this one !
I wanna use this one like I’m pretty hairy so I wanna do hair removal or I wanna get my hair permanently removed
Does this sound okay ?.
A: I’ll try to give you some examples in different contexts:

Talking with a friend:
“I’m pretty hairy so I’m going to go for hair removal soon”

Talking with people at work:
(You probably would never do this 😅)
“I’ve scheduled a hair removal appointment for this weekend”

After successfully getting your hair removed:
“I just went for hair removal last weekend, it went pretty well”

After getting your hair removed, negative:
“I had a hair removal appointment yesterday, and it was terrible!”

As a side note; on the east coast of the United States I’ve only ever seen it referred to as “laser hair removal”. I’ve also seen “bikini waxing” and “Brazilian waxing” for women only.
Q: Please show me example sentences with hair .
A: I love your hair. Wow, your hair is amazing. Were did you got to get your hair done? What color are you going to dye your hair? I wish my hair was like that. I need a brush for my hair? Her hair looks weird. I hope this helps.
Q: Please show me example sentences with That’ll put hairs on your chest..
A: Have some of my home-made vodka.
Is it strong?
Of course. I'll pour you a glass. Here you go, that'll put hairs on your chest.
Q: Please show me example sentences with let one's hair down.
A: Its okay to let your hair down every now and again.

I don't have time to let my hair down there's just too much to do!
Q: Please show me example sentences with By a hair.
A: so by a hair would be used when something is really close. For example if you almost tied in a race, some people would say the other person won by a hair

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Q: What is the difference between "stop spliting hairs" and "stop nitpicking" ?
A: Hair-splitting is a fondness for finding ever more subtle nuances of things, which is a good thing.
Nit-picking implies something negative, like always looking for faults in everything that everybody says and does.
Q: What is the difference between She's got long hair and She's got longish hair ?
A: Yes, long hair is longer than longish hair.
"Long-ish" means "kind of long"/ "sort of long"
Q: What is the difference between fair hair and blonde hair ?
A: "Fair hair" is quite vague. I think it includes blonde hair.

They are both a lighter colour.

I just checked in the dictionary and it says fair is blonde. : )
Q: What is the difference between let one's hair down and relax ?
A: It is the same meaning, which means relax. Letting one's hair down is an idiom, like raining cats and dogs, take a rain check, etc. If someone asked me how I will spend my weekend, I will tell them I am just going to relax at home. Letting your hair down is mostly used when someone is restless in a happy situation and u just wanna ask them to relax. "Just let your hair down and enjoy the movie"
Q: What is the difference between "dark hair" and "black hair" ?
A: "Black hair" is the darkest shade of hair humanly possible! In contrast, "dark hair" covers a wide range of hair colors that have a "dark shade". However, the term "dark hair" by itself is usually used to refer to black/dark brown hair.

Translations of "Hair"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? hair
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I like so much blonde hair ,in Mexico is so weird that kind of hair and also the eyes ahaha
I'm lucky guy
A: *I like blonde hair so much. In Mexico, it's so weird to have that kind of hair and also my kind of eyes ahaha. I'm a lucky guy

Hope this helps~
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 'My hair cut by the barber.' How Can I make formal sentence it?
A: I had my hair cut by the barber
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? her hair
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 私は今日、髪をショートヘアにしました。 I had my hair cut shortly today.
A: "I got my hair done short today."

"I went to get my hair cut short today."

"I got the hairdresser to cut off most of my hair today!"

Other questions about "Hair"

Q: I finally got my hair cut just a minute ago.
I feel much better! does this sound natural?
A: When someone says i feel better it kinda implies that you where sick.

try this instead

I just got a haircut just a moment ago. I really love the style of it.
Q: "I dried my hair after washing it."

"After I washed my hair, I dried it."

"I washed it before I dried my hair." does this sound natural?
A: The first and second ones sound natural but the final one does not. It would work in certain contexts but over all, most people would say "I washed my hair before I dried it.".
Q: He cut my hair on Friday. does this sound natural?
A: I clicked natural , but it's in context. Say you are speaking to a friend about getting your hair cut and you mention your stylist , since you mentioned the person who had done the action you can use your sentence as all the background info was given
Q: This hair color(the one on the left)is what I wanted. And the me upper right is before I went to a hair salon and the me below left is after I came out of the hair salon and I am like, where did I go wrong? does this sound natural?
A: You need to add the prepositions. Also we say lower instead of below in this example - me on the upper right, me on the LOWER left.
Q: Would you cut the hair in front short? does this sound natural?
A: Ahhh~ I see, and yeah when speaking to an American both can and would sound polite, the U.S is a little bit different than Korea, certian words roll of the toung easier and we dont have different variations of words that are in-formal and formal but are the same. :)

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