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Q: What does hairline mean?
A: It normally refers to the edge of a person’s hair along the forehead. It can also mean a very thin line.
Q: What does hairline mean?
A: línea de pelo
Q: What does If I date you without hairlines mean?
A: I have no idea. Are you sure that is the right sentence?
Q: What does hairline mean?
A: Línea del pelo

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Q: Please show me example sentences with rescinding hairline .
A: My hairline is receding.
He has a receding hairline

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Q: he had a receding hairline, so he got hair plugs,but they haven't taken yet.

does this sentence sound nature?
A: It sounds a bit unnatural to me.
If you’re saying he hasn’t had hair plugs done and is thinking about getting it done, the sentence would sound like:

“He has a receding hairline and so wants to get hair plugs. But he hasn’t gotten it yet.”
Q: Lately, my hairline is receding. does this sound natural?
A: "Lately, my hairline has been receding."

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