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Q: What does What does it mean handbag question? The sentence (title) is like that; “The handbag question: value and meaning” mean?

It seems like an advertisement which is more stupid than usual.

It means nothing - it isn't even a question!
Q: What does handbag architecture mean?
A: A building that has a unique design and can't be repurposed for a different use. This is not a common expression. I had to read through an architecture magazine to find it.
Q: What does a calf-leather handbag that would have looked at home on Audrey Hepburn’s arm. mean?
A: Let's break this sentence down:

-A calf-leather handbag = a purse made from cow leather

-Looked at home on Audrey Hepburn's arm = "Looked at home" means it looks like it should be there, it looks comfortable, or that it wouldn't be a surprise to see it there. So, it is saying that the handbag looks like something that you would likely see or wouldn't be surprised to see on Audrey Hepburn's arm.

I hope this is helpful!

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Q: What is the difference between handbag and purse ?
A: I'm America, the bag that a woman carries is called a purse. In England, it is a handbag and a purse is what you put your money in as a woman
Q: What is the difference between that and this and whose handbag is that?whose is that handbag? and whose is this handbag? whose handbag is this? ?
A: this - for items close to you
that - for items far from you

whose handbag is that? - asking for the owner of the handbag far from you
whose handbag is this? - asking for the owner of the handbag near to you

the other 2 questions are unnatural.
Q: What is the difference between handbag and bag ?
A: A handbag 👜 is what is carried by a woman (usually) to hold everything she wants to carry around with her.

A bag is any type of thing you can use to carry stuff in, like a plastic bag from the supermarket.

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Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? handbag kaha rakkhe
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: I find where your handbag is. does this sound natural?
A: Thank you very much ^-^
Q: Please show me how to pronounce handbag.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Nearly I lost my handbag, thank you does this sound natural?
A: @inferni Ok, thanks
Q: Your handbag in the corridor.
OR "in the hallway"? does this sound natural?
A: If that's the complete sentence, you need a verb there. "Your handbag is in the corridor." or "Your handbag was in the corridor." would be more natural.

As a clause (part of a longer sentence) though, that could be correct! If the whole sentence was, for example, "I put your handbag in the corridor." or "It's been days since you left your handbag in the corridor.", then that would be okay as well.

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