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    2. This is a little hard for me to try to explain. It's related to a type of feeling something evokes in you. Haunting is an adjective related to the word "haunt". (Like a haunted house/ ghosts). Saying something is haunting means that it "haunts" you--it's unforgettable, it gives you chills, etc. It describes a certain feeling you get from something. Like maybe you heard a piece of music that moved you and it left you with an impression that you just can't forget. It was beautiful and "haunting."

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    2. "His face was haunting." meaning difficult to ignore or forget because of the terrible feeling it gave you. "This land is a haunting ground because of the cemetery. " meaning that because of circumstances surrounding a location, it is known to have paranormal occurrences. "She is haunting me." can mean the memory of a person causes sadness, fear, remorse, dread, or regret to the individual for whatever reason.

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    2. My memories are haunting me. Peter spends his time haunting his favourite cafe. (This example is less scary.) The ghost loves haunting my attic. Bad thoughts are haunting my life.

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    2. The connotations are what's different. Haunting melodies conjures imagery of brilliant music that is fairly old. Catchy songs conjures imagery of new songs that have a good rhythm or beat and are happy. There isn't a significant difference.

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    2. while others claim that the environment is the sole responsibility of the world's citizens. opinion , not shared opinion. you could say "widely held opinion" Firstly, only the government has the legal right... environmentally oriented factories they are called "green" factories with alternative ones make a mess, instead say "who pollute" guilty of environmental problems place trash cans everywhere people will stop polluting (make a mess does not mean polluting, it means being untidy) haunting means ghosts, boo, Halloween. use hunting Very well written. I changed a couple of words to give you the correct vocabulary and the correct preposition.

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    2. hunting vs. haunting

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    2. It would mean they’ve been to another country

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