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Q: What does You got me in this headspace mean?
A: It means that someone has put you into a state of mind, either positive or negative, and that has altered how you perceive and interact with things.

i.e; If someone has put you into a ‘negative headspace’ it means you are more likely to look on the more negative side of situations and dwell on them.
Q: What does "I have headspace when I'm lying in the bath" mean?
A: “I’m lying in the bath” means they’re lying down in the bath tub. I think the idea of “Having a good headspace when I’m lying in the bath” means its relaxing to have a bath, so they can feel better in the mind (have a better headspace)
Q: What does headspace mean?
A: "The leftover space in a closed or sealed container"

" a time to think clearly and relax"
Q: What does I'm not in the headspace for that mean?
A: I am not in the right mood for that, or my mind is not in the right place (the thoughts I am having are not good for thinking about that)

"I have been working all day. I am not in the right head space for a serious movie. Maybe we can something simple, like a cartoon. "

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Q: ‎Thom's been in a better headspace for quite a few years.

What does HEADSPACE mean?
A: @rosy_choy

Headspace refers to the way you are feeling and the quality of thoughts that you are having most of the time.

If you are generally happy, lighthearted, easy-going and just like to have a good time, then you are in a good headspace.

If you are generally depressed, anxious about things, thinking that people don't like you – then you are in a bad or difficult headspace.

It doesn't mean that you feel this way "all the time" – it's just the general way that you are. People who usually have a good headspace can sometimes get depressed, and vice versa.
Q: What does headspace mean?
A: ‘estado mental’, ‘humor’
Q: I am so busy now. No headspace. Does this sound natural?
A: I've never heard the word "headspace" before.
Q: I'm so out of it.

I'm scatterbrained.

I don't really have headspace now. I need to take a break.

It's been very hectic these days. Does this sound natural?
A: very good

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