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    2. it means life can change really fast. It can change as quickly as a heartbeat.

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    2. Example: If you need any help just call, I'm only a heartbeat away.

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    2. all of them are almost same. in a heartbeat is a way of saying "very quickly" right now is the same but not very stressed immediately is more like an order than casual. they all have the same meaning but just differ in exaggeration (stressing what they say) and in usage (heartbeat is usually spoken casually and informally and the others can be used both formally and informally)

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    2. A few small details: 3. I haven't read THE paper yet (meaning newspaper). 4. "I know you were there last year" sounds a little better. 10. ...since we moved... ("since the time" is a common Russian mistake because of с тех пор.) 12. "I met up with Tom" implies that you made a plan with Tom to meet there. If you didn't agree to meet him there, "I ran into Tom" is more appropriate.

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    2. A meteor of that size could wipe out all living things in a heartbeat does this sound natural? is the best one :)

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    2. I don’t forget a single heartbeat or I remember all of the heart beats

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    2. "Should my children stay in the mainland to study or go abroad?" Most parents with a stable financial background are able to consider both choices, whereas those without are typically only capable of raising 6000RMB as opposed to the $6000 required to study in the US. I am one of those poor children who has been dreaming of studying abroad, but haplessly born to a family belonging to a lower socioeconomic class, seemingly doomed to stay forever put. "Of course, you poor people would never make it," is what people would freely say to us if it were the 1970s, when our nation was in its early stages of global development (I'm not really sure if this is what you're trying to say, but describing a country as a 'start-up' sounds a bit awkward). However, it is now 2018 and China is far more powerful than it's ever been, so much so that being "poor" is hardly an obstacle to seeing the rest of the world. Below are some of the things that helped to facilitate our road to reaching our dreams of studying overseas. 1. We received support from our government. In stark contrast to China's poor past, it is now powerful and has the capacity to support some of its citizens who want to study abroad. Students who have done well at university may be given a chance to study abroad on exchange, the costs of which would be fully paid by the Chinese government. The government has already supported excellent students with diplomas who plan to continue their tertiary studies. Once they are able to be assessed for a graduate program, he/she can contact his/her tutor who will sort out the entire process. But, what about the students without a diploma, such as those studying in training colleges? Well, the government also provides a program for training school students, which allows them to further their education. If they pass a third-year exam, they are able to participate in the third-year undergraduate program. As long as they continue to study hard and try their best, they will always have more opportunities (this part is a bit unclear, I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to say). 2. Prices are relatively affordable in some countries. Most Chinese people believe that those who study abroad must be wealthy. Yes, money is required to study in the US, UK or other similar English-speaking countries, however, there are non-English-speaking countries whose governments pay the full fees of intuition. In these cases, being rich becomes dispensable. The only other cost is the cost of living in the first month, which can easily and quickly be paid if the student is able to find a part-time job by the second month. Additionally, currently, the average salary in China is ten times what it was in 2000, meaning the cost of living in China has become closer to that of a more developed country, particularly in first-tier cities such as Guangzhou and Shanghai. It has been proven to be easier for students to pay such costs. Furthermore, in France, overseas students who are not wealthy but speak good French are able to apply for public universities, which according to the French government, are intuition-free. There are many more countries similar to France, providing benefits to talented international students, such as partial and full scholarships, which can be obtained merely through hard work demonstrated through merit from previous schools. There are many ways to apply for foreign schools without being rich. Other than the reasons above, there are other approaches to recognizing the dream of studying overseas. In China, there are many private companies that offer students large sums of money, based on certain contracts, to help the cost of studying abroad. Being poor is not a major handicap in today's China, a country that is more powerful than ever and is rapidly becoming the most significant country in the world.

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    2. "lie" rhymes with "spine" feet rhymes with "beat" in heartbeat

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    2. It’s hard to know what you mean here. Try when I listen to music I feel every single beat as if it were my heartbeat.

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