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    2. "The chart *shows* information about the change *in* money *spent* on the Fairtrade coffee and bananas *during* two separate *time periods* in *the* UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden. "It is clear that sales of Fairtrade coffee rose in all five *areas* from 1999 to 2004, while the sales of bananas rose in *just* three areas. Overall, the UK saw the highest sales in both products. "In 1999, Switzerland had the highest sales of Fairtrade coffee, at 3¥*million*, while the revenue from Fairtrade bananas was highest in the UK, at 15¥ *million*. In 2004, the sales of Fairtrade coffee in *the* UK *had* soared to 20¥*million*, but in Switzerland *it had* climbed to *only* 6¥*million*, and this was over three times higher than Switzerland's sales figure for Fairtrade coffee in that year. The year 2004 *also* saw the *growth in* sales of Fairtrade bananas in *the* UK and Switzerland, *rising to* 32 *million* and 4.5 *million respectively*. Sales of Fairtrade coffee in Denmark, Belgium *and* Sweden were far lower. Small increases of sales of Fairtrade bananas can be seen and the final sales were all *lower* than 2 *million*. *Finally*, it was noticeable that the sales of Fairtrade bananas in Sweden and Denmark *had* declined; however, in Belgium, *there was a clear rise* from 0.6 *million* to 4 *million*." Note: In English the singular 'million' is used after specific numbers.

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