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    2. As an adverb it means 'from now on' and as a noun it means 'life after death' :)

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    2. hereafter means from this time forward. In the rest of the document when the word vendor is used, it refers to Mrs Green. Purchaser in the same way for Mr Quain.

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    2. Hereafter- from now on, from this point in time going forward Hereafter, anyone caught stealing my lunch from the refrigerator is going to be punished! So, from hereafter, we learned that Tom’s tuna fish sandwich was the most important thing to him. Hereafter - can also be another word for what happens after death, the person goes to the hereafter I will pay for my sins in the hereafter, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy my life. I will rest in the sweet hereafter.

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