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Q: What's "heretic"?

I watched a film starring Nicolas Cage yesterday,in which he was fighting off something like "pagan" things.

I look up the word and know its meaning is close to what "heretic"refers to.. then I previewed the past posting about the differences of these two terms,but I can't.

So,pagan is a person believes in pre-christian religious beliefs.and heathen is also pagan especially in North europe and Germany.

then..what's heretic??
I'm curious about them!
A: Yes, that sounds right!

Because a heretic is a type of criminal, whether someone is considered a heretic for their religion depends on the laws where they are. Not many places have laws against heresy anymore, so even though people of different religions disagree with each other, they don't call each other "heretics" very often.

Mostly, the word is seen in history books and movies about olden times, when laws against heresy were more common.
Q: “Discrimination against African American, heretic and homosexual people still exists”
does this sound natural?
A: Oh, then I would just say "religious people." If this is for an essay, you can just specify the uncommon religion part later on in the essay.

So to be more clear, I would suggest: "Discrimination against African Americans, religious people, and homosexual people still exists."

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