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    2. There are just a few places you need to fix! Hey! how are you?:) A few days ago I went to a nearby Russian restaurant. I originally wanted to try the ”квас” since you told me about it. I couldn't find it at the various supermarkets in my town so I thought a Russian restaurant must have it. However, unfortunately even they didn't have ”квас”. The shop manager said that it isn't very popular with Japanese customers so he doesn't prepare it. The other owner of the restaurant, his wife, was Russian. I asked her about the drink's taste and she told me, "The taste is similar to fermented barley tea." I've never tried that kind of drink before, so it was hard to imagine what this taste is like. I couldn't get ”квас” that time, but she said she could cook it for me specially. I may ask her to make it some other time. I'm the kind of person who likes to try the food and drinks of other countries. I usually like everything I try too! But I'm a little nervous about trying "KBAC". How on earth does it taste? ^^; (ここよくわからないです)>>> If I had a ”квас”, I can get to eat “окрошка” too. The method of that are able to find in many places of Internet. I guess have a try to cook it. It is a cold soup, you know. But it is no matter when the season in autumn, isn't it? ^-^ <<< I hope you are doing well! Пака!! :)

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    2. it would sound more natural if you wrote it like this: there were a few moments like this in my life, I intended to get up, to do something meaningful, but then I hesitantly denied myself. That's me. My indecisiveness makes all my chances in life and love disappear. Experiencing being close to her, but I can't touch her. Being close to her, but not being able to open my mouth. It feels a bit strange when she comes and goes just like the sun shines and dreams fly away. And I'm sitting here missing her again!

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