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Q: What does Hi, could anyone tell me the meaning of the phrase which highlighted in this passage ?
Thanks !! mean?
A: okay so this line is talking about the interior decor.
"The luxurious Parisian notes" refer to the parts of the decor that are Parisian (of or from Paris) whether it be vases, paintings, lamps, etc. The second part is a little more ambiguous. "offer themselves to a fiercely feminine interior." basically means that the Parisian parts are paired with the extremely feminine interior. I would understand (from this sentence) that the Parisian parts of the design pair very well with the feminine design.
Q: What does Hi everyone, I have some questions about phrases that underlined in yellow, Could anyone help me to figure them out ?
Thank you ! mean?
A: This is obviously very poetic writing: 1) fancy way of saying the bookcase is behind the couch they are sitting and talking on. 2) the (magazine) collection is an attempt to impress women. 3) Music by Lou Reed is being played and it is apparently captivating (pursuit could be implying a courtship or attempt at romance). 4) "offer themselves" here means "contribute towards"
Q: What does Hi there! mean?
A: Just another way of saying "Hi!" :)
Q: What does Hi. I hope you enjoyed Valentine's. Why not sharing? mean?
A: バレンタイン楽しかった?どうだったか教えてよ。
Q: What does Hi, today is my first day here. I want to have more practice. What is difference between dinner and supper? mean?
A: Different people use different words- "Dinner" is usually a meal at the end of the day, and "Supper" is the same thing, but it's more of a snack, a small meal. There isn't a big difference, so you could use either, but "Supper" is normally smaller.

Example sentences using "Hi"

Q: Please show me example sentences with Hi Hello Thanks how are you doing man dad mother’s sister .
A: Hello nice to meet you you can use hi or hello which ever you prefer
Q: Please show me example sentences with Hi, I don't understand passive voice... help me please, how I learn this topic??.
A: Active "I made a cake."
Passive "A cake was made"

Active "I ate a cherry"
Passive "A cherry was eaten"

A "That house burned down.
P "A house burned down"
Q: Please show me example sentences with Hi babe.
A: I think 'hey babe' is more common.

Hey babe, what are you doing.
Hey babe, do you need help lifting that.
Hey babe, I was think we should go see a movie.
Hey babe, did you see what just happened.
Hey babe, what's wrong?
Hey babe.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Hi guys!) How is it better?
1) This helps to keep the project working.
2) This helps to spy the project working..
A: By the way, it's better without TO, and with GOING: This helps _ keep the project GOING.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Hi, I'd like to know other expressions of "why don't we meet #place#?".
A: Hey! How is it going? Hi, how are you? So, what's new? Do you want to go to the mall? Do you want to grab a bite to eat? (go to dinner, lunch, breakfast)

Synonyms of "Hi" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between Hi and Hey ?
A: Nothing is different really. Hi is more formal and hey is less formal. Ex: "Hi! How are you?" And "Hey! How are you?" Hey could also mean to get someone's attention Ex: "Hey, over here." And "Hey, stop it."
Q: What is the difference between "Hi" and "Hello" ?
A: hi is a little less formal than hello.
i use hi when I'm greeting friends and family. but, there are no rules when using either.
it might sound better to use hello when greeting your boss or some executive or maybe meeting for the first time.
i often use hello when i am just passing by strangers and greeting them.
Q: What is the difference between Hi and Hey and Hello ?
A: They're all the same but vary from formal to informal!

Hi: This is considered informal, it can be used to greet friends or family. It is considered awkward in some cases so be careful using it.

Hey: This is informal, it can be used as a greeting for friends and family. This is the most common greeting used today.

Hello: This is formal, the greeting can be used for co-workers, your boss, people you have just met, etc. It can be used for friends and family as well but it's not common.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. 😊
Q: What is the difference between Hello and Hi ?
A: Hi is more informal than Hello.

You can say:
Good day or good evening - formal
Hello - neutral
Hi - slightly informal
Hey - very informal

US English is pretty informal, so we rarely say "good day" or "good evening". You can say "hello" to almost anyone.
You can say "hi" to anyone except someone who is very superior. (I would say "hi" to my boss, but not to the President.)
You can say "hey" to a friend.

("Good morning" and "good evening" are not as formal as "good day" or "good evening".)
Q: What is the difference between Hi! I'm John! and Hello! I'm John! ?
A: They mean the same thing but the word hi is used more casually, like if you are taking to s friend or family member. Hello is more often used professionally, like when applying for a job, greying a new client, so on. It does not matter which one you use. Either one can be used anytime.

Translations of "Hi"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Hi, how do I write and read 612.48?

As I remember it should be: six hundred and twelve point forty-eight. Is it correct? In case of digits with 3 numbers, shall I put the "and"? like 340: three hundred and forty or three hundred forty?

thank you so much
A: Credo che sia indifferente. Sia che tu dica "three hundred and forty" o solo "three hundred forty" non fa troppa differenza, si capisce che ciò che vuoi dire è 340. Ma spesso sento che le persone aggiungono quell'"and".
E comunque sì, si legge "six hundred and twelve, point forty-eight"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Hi guys! I have a question.
Is this sentence correct?

I don’t know that what she likes.

I’m wondering if I can put “that” as a conjunction before “what”.
A: "that" can only be a conjunction before an independent clause (something that could be a sentence by itself).
"I think that we are ok." ⭕
"I think that are ok." ❌

"what she likes" is not a sentence by itself, so it cannot be conjoined with "that"

You can use "that" as a pronoun: "I don't know if that is what she likes."
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Hi does anyone knows what “visceral reality “ means in English?
A: Hahah. This is someone trying to be too clever and it sounds a bit silly (это помпезно).

Visceral is an adjective meaning of the internal organs. It is used to describe an instictive reaction that bypasses the brain. I hear a noise in the dark, I panic. Fear and hatred are often described as non-logical visceral. I have two phobias that are visceral for example. This guy is trying to say that the experiences we have are a mixture of direct and real smells, sounds etc, and digital, which is probably true. Sight is actually a mix, we don't see what we think we see. The author thinks they are being clever because both words start with a v. Actually they sound like a real пизда.
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Hi everyone! I have one question for you all.
"The police (to know) about him for years"
Please, write a correct answer and explain it for me.
Thanks in advance
A: The police HAVE KNOWN about him for years is the correct answer but not the only one. The police are plural so we should use have, although they are also a collective group and "had" works as well. We need to use known because its past participle not simple past. They have possessed this information in the past even if they have lost it now.
You could keep it super simple and say the police knew about him, for years
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? Hi I’m wondering if binge-watching means you can finish a completed tv series at once, how to say it if you are like ‘following’ a series on streaming ep by ep every week?
A: Check the question to view the answer

Other questions about "Hi"

Q: Hi guys! HELP, please. Does it sound correct?

- As of 1st July, my income reduced as I’ve been caring for my child since then.
A: I would say “since the 1st of July my income has been reduced” because you are talking about something that happened in the past but is continuing into the present time. If it was a date in the future that your income will be reducing, then you could say “as of”. For example “as of 1st October my income will be reduced”.
Q: Hi, can I ask you if I can say the following? 😊

(1) You don’t have to read the book out. You can just read it inside yourself.

(2) You don’t have to read the book out. You can judt read it by yourself.

I am just wondering what is the opposite of ‘read something out’. 😅

You can't say any of these things.

You don't have to read the book out loud, you can just read it silently to yourself.
Q: Hi friends! Is it correct? I just read it on Internet:
I think being friends for so long is great.
A: Yes, that's a correct sentence.
Q: Hi, can I ask you if the following sentences sound natural? 😊

(1) Could you read the five passages in the book?

(2) Could you read the five passages from the book?
A: this sounds perfect. no need for any correction! both are correct and sound natural
Q: Hi, can you check if the following sentences sound natural? 😊

(1) Yesterday I looked around a house to live in, but today the real agency told me that the house has been already rent out.

(2) Yesterday I looked around a house to live in, but today the real agency told me that the house has been already contracted by another person.
A: (1) Yesterday I looked at a house to potentially live in, but today the real estate agency told me that the house has been already rented out.

(2) Yesterday I looked at a house to potentially live in, but today the real estate agency told me that the house is already in contract with another person.

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