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Q: What does At the blocked Holland Tunnel exit mean?
A: The Holland Tunnel is a tunnel that connects Manhattan and New Jersey.

It means "near the entrance to the tunnel, which is being blocked (by traffic, police, a barrier etc)"

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Q: What is the difference between Holland and Netherland ?
A: @Takochan93 The Netherlands is modern day Holland, just like how Myanmar is modern day Burma. It is just the country’s former name.😊
Q: What is the difference between Holland and Netherlands ?
A: Holland is the most important region in the Netherlands.

Samd situation as the difference between England and the UK.
Q: What is the difference between Holland and Netherlands ?
A: Holland refers to a region inside of the Netherlands. The Netherlands refers to the country and it's overseas territories.The two word are usually used interchangeably though

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Holland
eu te amo muito você não tem ideia
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Holland or USA? What's better to live being a Colombian
A: It depends what you like if you like warm weather holland is pretty windy and doesn’t have warm places like US
But holland has a lot of bicycles and that’s the major way people travel there so you have to be ok learning to bike everywhere
Holland has free healthcare and school we don’t
Q: They won over Holland in the final match. Does this sound natural?
A: Holland is a part of The Netherlands not a country
But completely natural apart from that
Q: Who says "Holland" and who says "Netherlands"? Whybdonsome say one or the other?
A: Holland is a region in the Netherlands. There are many people who say "Holland", but "the Netherlands" is techinically the proper name.
Q: I dream to move to Holland someday Does this sound natural?
A: I dream of moving to Holland someday.

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